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Festival of flavours and cultures

On Friday, visitors can sample international specialties of teams from twenty countries including Brazil, China, Iceland, Indonesia, Isreal, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Yemen, and Syria at the University of Debrecen. Get ready for the 13th International Food Day!

Foreign students of the University of Debrecen prepare the finest meals of their respective countries, and present their cultures with traditional costumes,  banners, music and dance   on 27 April. Of the Hungarian universities this is where the most foreign students study, close to five thousand, who come from over a hundred different countries.  This is partly the reason why a separate student governing body encompassing foreign students operate at the University of Debrecen, a unique phenomenon.

The International Student Union organizes International Food Day for the 13th time this year, awaiting those wishing to sample exquisite tastes this year, this time in a new venue : the sqare in front of the Main Building of the University.
For further information go to the webpage of  DEHÖK, and the Facebook-site of the event. 

In the meantime  help yourselves to some samples of the exquisite gastronomical and cultural  cavalcade.  About one hundred students from fifteen countries prepared their specialities at last year’s competition of international flavours  tried by more than five thousand interested visitors.

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