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Building Services Engineering Specialization

Mechanical Engineering BSc Program
Building Services Engineering Specialization 

The objective of the program is to train engineers specialised in the design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning). Building services engineers can carry out diagnostic tests, identify and develop energy-saving possibilities and methods for HVAC systems. They have in-depth theoretical knowledge to continue their studies in the second cycle.
Our graduates develop competence and acquire knowledge in the following areas:
  • supervising the construction of building service systems
  • diagnostics, maintenance and operation of building service systems
  • planning of heating, ventilation, refrigeration, gas and water supply systems in buildings
  • energy assessment, diagnostic and survey of building service systems                   
The curriculum contains the following subject modules:

Basic science subjects:
48 credits
Mathematics, Technical Mechanics, Engineering Physics, Operation and Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Technical Chemistry

Economics and humanities subjects:                                                                      
20 credits
Economics for Engineers, Microeconomics, Basics of Quality Management, Management for Engineers, Introduction to Ethics

Professional subjects:                                                                                            
117 credits
Informatics, Descriptive Geometry, Technical Drawing, Machine Elements, CAD and CAE, Materials Science, Electrotechnics and Electronics, Measurements and Automatics, Thermal and Fluid Machines, Heating Systems, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Water Supply Systems in Buildings, Gas Supply Systems in Buildings, District Heating and Cooling Systems, Noise Techniques

Optional subjects:                                                                                                    
10 credits

15 credits
Duration of studies: 7 semesters
Contact hours: 2.352
ECTS credits: 210
Internship: 6 weeks

Final exam
Defending the thesis (oral presentation and discussion)
Exam in two subjects chosen by the student:
  • Heating Systems and Refrigeration Systems
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Water Supply Systems and Gas Supply Systems in Buildings

More information about the program here.
See the Bulletin of the program here.