Information Days for Foreign Partners

The Coordinating Center for International Education will hold information days for the foreign partners of UD. Participants will hear about academic programmes and life at the university, and will also be invited to the yoUDay.

Students from more than 100 countries study at University of Debrecen, and the number of foreign students is continuously growing.

-    We do not know the exact data yet, but we hope that the statistics in October will show that 6,000 foreign students study at UD, which would be a significant increase compared to 2016, when UD had 5,000 foreign students. This number includes a few hundred Hungarians beyond the borders who study in Hungarian, and about 5,500 students who study in foreign languages at 13 faculties and 60 departments – said Attila Jenei, director of the Coordinating Center for International Education.

The Center recruits students for UD through its representatives located in more than 70 countries. This information day was organised primarily for new partners.

- The Coordinating Center for International Education of UD organises this event every year for the foreign partners of the university. Our goal is to provide new representatives with as much info as possible about the academic programmes, education and student life of UD, so that they can provide a true and attractive offer to foreign students and their parents, and tell them why it is good to study in Debrecen – said Attila Jenei.

In previous years, the event was held in Spring. However, this year it has been linked to yoUDay, the monumental school year opening of UD, where all the national flags of the students studying at the university will be displayed. Foreign representatives will also be present at the arena show.

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