Colourful Cultures

Foreign students of the University of Debrecen presented their traditional clothing and folk dances at a gala evening on 26 October, which was part of the series of events that commemorates the 100-year tradition of medical education at UD.

The International Studies Union, which belongs to the students' self government, created a wonderful world for the foreign students of UD. The body representing the interests of foreign students has organised the event called "A Night of a Thousand Lights" since 2015. This year the event was held at a new venue, with more attendants than ever, dance and singing performances, fashion show, dinner and many more events.

On 26 October, the HALL was dressed up like never before. The theme was the icy fantasy world of the Narnia books. At the gala evening Hungarian and foreign students presented their traditional clothing, folk dance, and other unique features of their respective cultures. In addition to the colourful clothes, participants could enjoy an Indian dance performance, rock bands, traditional African clothes and Japanese fans as well.

This year's event was part of the series of events that commemorates the centenary of medical education at UD, and recognised the special role of the Faculty of Medicine in launching and developing English-language education.

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