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„Quarantraining” for remote workers

Before the appearance of the corona virus the only exercise that the majority of office workers got was getting to work and back home. Many of those who work from home now get even less exercise. It is mainly these people that the Sports Medicine Clinic of the UD is trying to help.

Stay home! Keep fit! „Quarantraining” – this is a series of simple and easy-to-do stretching and strengthening exercises for people working in home office, sitting in front of their computers. The exercises have been compiled by specialists at the Sports Medicine Clinic of the University of Debrecen. Department Chair Sándor Szántó explained: the material that can be downloaded from the internet consists of textual presentations richly illustrated with photos as well as videos. The movement forms are presented by physiotherapists. 

– The reason why photos and videos have been included is that it makes a difference how we position our torso and how our head is positioned in relation to our torso, how well we close our shoulder blades and what posture we take when we start doing the exercises, Sándor Szántó said. 

He stressed: these are not gym exercises but ones with minimum equipment requirement and can be done in your home, too.

- All you need is a rug, a chair, a stick, or a rolling pin or broom to replace the stick. The most complicated device that was used in the videos was a fit ball, the department head explained.

The 6 episodes will walk you through the ways you should sit properly, how to set our chair to achieve a good seating position, and, should you wish to work using a laptop lying or sitting on your sofa, how to do that. We can also find out what those postures are that can cause problems in the long run.

The exercises of varying degrees of difficulty take 5-30 minutes to perform. The stretching exercises can be repeated several times during a day.  Carrying out the strengthening exercises in the recommended order can be a program for 1 or 2 months. 

– These movements can contribute to strengthening muscles as well as to preventing and eliminating aches and pains in our joints and spine, said Sándor Szántó. The teaching material has been uploaded to the e-learning page of the university and can also be accessed by those interested outside the university. It can be downloaded from:

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