The Dóczy Street Athletic Complex To Be Renewed

Adjacent to the Learning Center, the sports facility in Dóczy street will soon turn into a Sport Campus. This year the stands will be upgraded, which will be followed by the extension of the facilities of the DEAC next year.

The construction plans will be completed this year. With the new functions, the facility will serve both educational and athletic purposes. The stands of the football field will have a seating capacity of 1,600.

In the framework of the infrastructural development project, the primary purpose of which is to support sport science education, both sides of the stands will be extended with new facilities. The modernised, two-storey structure will operate as an educational facility for sport sciences, and as the centre of the 100-year-old club. The University of Debrecen and DEAC want to make the football field in Dóczy József street suitable for NBII matches, so that the university team, which has recently made it to NBII, should have to play only highly important matches at the Nagyerdei Stadium.

Zoltán Bács, chancellor of UD, gave a presentation on Tuesday in front of sport correspondents. He explained that the scoreboard and the lighting system will also be upgraded, a guest sector will be established, and the stands between the natural grass and artificial turf football fields will be covered on both sides. The facility will have a seating capacity of 1,600 - 1,700 fans. The cost of these modifications is covered by the infrastructural development fund managed by the State Secretariat for Sport of EMMI to the amount of HUF 235 million.

The chancellor pointed out that the next phase of the development will turn the athletic complex in Dóczy street into a Sport Campus. He explained that the stands, which are an historic monument type, will be preserved and extended to create a 3-storey facility.

On the left side of the ground floor a common area, sanitary facilities, an installation room and a storage room will be stablished. On the right side locker rooms, sanitary blocks and a laundry will be located.

On the first floor there will be offices for the Institute of Sport Sciences and DEAC. These two sections will be connected by a corridor behind the already existing stands. Here an exhibition area will be established to show the relics of DEAC. On the second floor there will be lecture rooms which, in combination with the Learning Center, will serve to solve the currently existing capacity problems of sport science education. The two blocks will be connected by a covered, but open corridor, also accessible from the stands, which may serve as a special area for education.

- It will be an extraordinary building. The street façade will transform the atmosphere of Dóczy street, and will be in line with the traditions of UD and DEAC. This development can be considered unique even at an international level – added the chancellor.

Lászlóné Lóczi, managing director of the company operating DEAC, said that the facility will perfectly reflect the philosophy of DEAC, as a building that respects traditions, but also turns towards the future.

The 3D visuals of the new facility have already been completed. They have to be approved by the evaluation board, which will be followed by the completion of the building permit drawings. The renovation of the historic stands and the development of the athletic complex is expected to be finished next year, in the framework of the D2030 development strategy.

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