"I’m from Kazakhstan and from the first day I came to Debrecen I’ve felt in love with it because it’s an absolutely amazing city with limited urban bustle interconnecting people from over the world, an affordable place for students to study and travel directly from Debrecen.

The university staff are always there when I need help. I get a quick response and support from them.

The thing I like the most is that everything is nearby the main campus and Life Science building (LSB) where I study, so I can spend time in the library of LSB or main campus, Pepe Panini cafe or cafeteria, DESOK (sports building), Great forest park or stadium, read in the fresh air near the fountain or pond in the university’s botanical garden surrounded by various plant species from every corner of the Earth.

I am also grateful to have great classmates and friends from different countries and I enjoy spending time together talking about ethnic distinctions.

It’s completely different here from my home city: the citizens, their culture, celebrations. Personally, for me, Debrecen is the symbol of self-culture of people.

You should definitely visit it. Hope for you Debrecen will leave precious memories too!"


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Faculty: Science and Technology     Program: Biology, BSc


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