"As cheesy as it may seem coming from a student pilot, we really learned at the university of Debrecen and Pharmaflight, that the sky is NOT the limit. With the experiences offered by the education and the various activities we have access to thorough our college years here in Debrecen, we learned to grow. To grow independent, to grow confident and most importantly to grow out of our comfort zones. To be able to achieve something in your life, we as humans need exposure to things we are unfamiliar or in other words not used to and because of the diverse student body here at the University of Debrecen, there is always something new to learn from someone. Despite the fact that some people view Debrecen as a small and boring city, after living here for almost two years, I can assure you that there is always something to do for everyone."


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Faculty: Engineering     Program: Professional Pilot, BSc