US Direct Loan

This federal loan is regulated by the US Department of Education. Educational institutions have to be eligible to participate in the program. Eligible students can only apply for Direct Loan through the financial aid office of the institution.

The University of Debrecen is participating in the Direct Loan program. Please note that the Medicine (M.D.) program’s eligibility is determined annually by the US Department of Education, and it is currently not eligible.


Federal School Code: G30738

The Direct Loan Program offers the same type of loan arrangements as the Federal Family Education Loan Program and generally has the same terms and conditions. However, the U.S Department of Education is the sole lender and the funds are paid directly to the University of Debrecen for disbursement to you.

Making an Application

Students interested in receiving U.S. Federal Student Aid may find useful information on

The website includes tools to complete:

Entrance counselling (all first time borrowers receive infromation about the terms and conditions of the loan and borrower’s responsibilities))

Exit counselling (prepares borrowers to repay the Federal Student Loan and has to be completed when your graduate/leave school or you are below half-time enrollment)


Completing loan agreements (MPN) – Master Promissory Note has to be completed by eligible undergraduate and eligible graduate/professional students requesting federal student aid (it is a legal document in which borrowers promise to repay the student aid and interest and fees to the lender/loan holder)

As with all federal student aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Most students use FAFSA on the Webto complete their application. The University will use the information from your FAFSA to determine how much student aid you will receive.

If you have submitted an application for a Direct Loan

We will review your application and contact you either to confirm receipt, to request additional information, or to confirm your loan eligibility and provide relevant visa information. All students requesting Direct Loans will need to sign a Master Promissory note with the US Department of Education . If you have not done so already then please do this as soon as possible.

Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance is the total amount it will cost you to study at the University of Debrecen, expressed as a yearly figure. The COA includes tuition and fees; room and board; allowances for books, supplies, transportation, and, if applicable, USMLE exam.

Direct Loan Program

For more information about the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, please go to Student Aid on the Web. If you need more information, please contact us on

In order to maintain eligibility for receiving financial aid students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward the completion of a degree.

R2T4 Policy

Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds