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University calendars

University Calendars - 2020 - 2021 



Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Humanities 
Faculty of Informatics
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Music
Faculty of Science and Technology


National holidays
Day of the Republic, commemorating the revolution of 1956 - 23rd October 2020
All Saints` Day - 1st November 2020
Christmas 25 – 26th - December 2020
New Year`s Day - 1st January 2021
Commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 - 15th March 2021
Good Friday - 2nd April 2021
Easter - 4th - 5th April 2021
Labour Day - 1st May 2021
Pentecost -  23rd - 24th 2021
St. Stephen`s Day, commemorating the first king of Hungary - 20th August 2021