Research news

International Biotechnology Forum at UD
10. Nov. 2022
The University of Debrecen is the only institution in Hungary that covers the whole spectrum of biotechnology in the fields of education and research. - UD offers courses in the areas of red (medical ...
Students of colleges for advanced studies have introduced themselves
09. Nov. 2022
"Some people think that the meaning of talent management primarily means the act of finding talents, but this is not true, since the genuine task is to both find the talent and develop it," said ...
Joint Efforts for the Efficient Treatment of Osteoarthritis
03. Nov. 2022
Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common joint disorders, which primarily affects the elderly. According to estimates, 10-15 percent of over-60s live with this condition, and one third of the ...
US Space Researchers Visit UD
19. Oct. 2022
Ambassador Pressman emphasized the importance of the R&D sector in his speech he gave on Tuesday. He pointed out that international partnership programmes and knowledge exchange in the field of R&D ...
A new theory developed by researchers in Debrecen
23. Sep. 2022
From the eastern part of Central Europe to the Russian Far East, patches and tracts of forests and grassy pastures have been alternating for thousands of years, forming a geographical belt that is ...
The role of the biological clock in cartilage formation
20. Sep. 2022
The researchers of the University of Debrecen published their article in Journal of Pineal Research (IF: 12), which is one of the most prestigious forums for research related to the biological ...
European Union policy recommendations for the development of public services
19. Sep. 2022
“It is inspiring for the University of Debrecen that the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) recognizes and listens to the institution’s specialists as experts in relation to the ...
Nobel-Laureate Researcher Evaluates UD
16. Sep. 2022
Comprised of 57 Hungarian and international experts, the Scientific and Social Advisory Body was established on 14 September to support the chairman of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the ...
Mongolian researchers at the Faculty of Science and Technology /TTK/ University of Debrecen
16. Sep. 2022
Biologists from Ulaanbaatar, Inner Asia, from the Institute of Biology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MgTA), are conducting evolutionary genetic research in a research group operating in the ...
TTTT inaugural session held
15. Sep. 2022
Fifty-seven Hungarian and foreign experts from different parts of the world joined the Scientific and Social Advisory Board, which was officially inaugurated on Wednesday in the venue called Aula of ...
World-renowned research at UD
02. Sep. 2022
The project studying chromatin structure was carried out by the Genome structure and recombination research group founded by the Lendület ("Momentum") programme, and lasted for seven years, with the ...
The University of Debrecen has developed an instrument to be used in space travel
30. Aug. 2022
“The device that was prepared by UD’s specialists is a 3×3-centimeter radiation dosimeter, which will function as a part of a picosatellite. The final tests of the so-called “CubeSat” will ...
ESA Day: space research in Debrecen in the focus of attention
25. Aug. 2022
“Space research is a top-priority area for the University of Debrecen, as space science research is carried out at the institution within the framework of the DE-Space program as part of the ...
Successful plant biology research at the university
25. Aug. 2022
The Plant Cell and Developmental Biology Research Group of Department of Botany at Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Debrecen focuses primarily on the internal dynamics of plant ...
US Researcher Joins UD Team
11. Aug. 2022
János Roszik obtained his PhD degree at UD in mathematics and computing sciences. He joined the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in 2010, currently he is an associate professor of the institution. ...
Developing Medication for Brain Tumour
05. Aug. 2022
The joint project of the Faculty of Pharmacy of UD and the Faculties of Pharmacy and Science of the Lyon-based Claude Bernard University (CBU) has reached another milestone. Four researchers of the ...
Tens of Thousands Attracted by the University’s Venues at the Festival
25. Jul. 2022
In a new location on the northeast side of Nagyerdei Stadium, Erasmus35 Stage and University Square, the university venue of the Campus Festival, awaited festival-goers with spectacular scientific ...
A gas molecule that may revolutionize cancer research
22. Jun. 2022
In mid-June, upon the invitation of Section President András Perczel and Section Vice President Katalin Kövér, Professor Péter Nagy, Chairman of the Scientific and Social Advisory Board of the ...
UD Joins Open Science
08. Jun. 2022
Open Science is a new approach to the distribution of research findings, which is based on the principles of transparency and cooperation, and applies the latest technologies and digitalisation in ...
Degree Ceremony at UD
30. May. 2022
- One of the biggest events in the science community of our university is the conferral of research degrees and honorary titles. This is the occasion when young researchers who have become able to ...