Student life

Students can choose from a wide range of extra-curricular activities at UD. The Faculties have a variety of student clubs. The Medical Athletic Club has well equipped facilities including tennis and basketball courts, a weight room and an easily accessible swimming pool is nearby.

More about sporting possibilities can be found here!

Lovarda (now HALL) organizes student parties each Wednesday night. You will find a number of coffee and tea shops as well as snack bars, pubs and clubs offering all kinds of night time entertainment in the City Center.

Debrecen has strong cultural and artistic traditions. Déri Museum displays the craftsmanship and life-style unique to Eastern Hungary. Modem, the largest and most up-to-date modern and contemporary art centre of the country is also located in Debrecen. Csokonai Theatre presents professional performances all year round, and there are numerous exhibitions, festivals and cultural attractions that create rich and stimulating opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

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1. University restaurants and canteens 




Nagyerdei Restaurant
Restaurant of the Faculty of Engineering
Lovarda canteen
Theoretical Building Canteen
Campus Restaurant


2. University Clubs


  • The newest public space, is situated in the heart of the Great Forest, right under the fully redesigned Stadium
  • The multifunctional establishment is nearly 2000 square meters and has the capacity of approximately 2000 people 
  • It primarily serves as a place for concerts, lectures, proms, conferences, exhibitions, company parties and sport galas


Lovarda – Cultural and Conference Centre for Students

  • Opened its gates in September 1999
  • 3000 square meters for conferences, movie and theatre nights, fashion shows, exhibitions, pop and classical music concerts
  • The building includes a separate and soundproof bar, a café and a restaurant on the first floor
  • 50 square meter rooms on the ground floor, separated from the main performance hall, providing a place for smaller events or group meetings


Kazánház University Club

  • Built in 2001
  • The club and its covered terrace take up more than 500 square meters
  • Open on weekdays from 9 am to midnight
  • Offers darts, table soccer, coffee specialties and has student-friendly prices
  • Parties are held every Wednesday night during the term
  • Smaller concerts, class reunions, as well as New Year’s Eve parties are also organized
  • Contributes to the success of the traditional „Yellow-fever” party with a beer pavilion


Klinika University Club

  • Debrecen’s oldest student club
  • Re-opened in September 2005 with a gallery and an exquisite garden
  • Provides students with movie nights, parties and concerts


Objektum – Sport and University Club (now called Teniszke)

  • The DEAC sports ground’s popular pub
  • Open every day year-round
  • Televised sporting events on LCD screens
  • Table soccer


3. ISU – International Student Union

We have many student clubs you can join once you become a student at UD, but the largest one is definitely the ISU of Debrecen, committed to gather and help international students in all aspects of their college life. They also organize various events throughout the academic year, i.e.: Fresher’s Ball, International Food Day, or Zamat Festival.

They are a group of UD students from all over the world, who work hard to make the life of all incoming freshmen as well as current students easier, their transition to Hungary smoother and their college years full of unforgettable experiences.

If you would like to join the union, get to know them better, or be updated on what’s going on with international students on at UD, please make sure to follow them on social media.




Galéria Café