Fees for Extra Proceedings


Lost lecture card

3000 HUF

Lost health insurance card

7500 HUF

Courier fee (Fedex)

15000 HUF

Late registration fee (paper-based registration)

15000 HUF/week

Neptun late fee

  • 1-4 subjects

15000 HUF

  • 5-10 subjects

45000 HUF

  • 11 or more subjects

75000 HUF

Lecture book replacement fee/late fee

15000 HUF(/week)

Medical check-up (new appointment, lost checklist)

5000 HUF

Library fines

50 HUF/day

Lost Neptun password

1800 HUF

Dissertation late fee 1st week

  • 1st week

3000 HUF/day

  • 2nd week

6000 HUF/day

Replacement of lost Student Card

1400 HUF

Transcript certificate

2000 HUF

2nd and further copies of certificates

500 HUF

Other certifications

500 HUF

Repeated exams after the second chance

2000 HUF

Improving exam

2000 HUF


The fees determined above are required to be paid through the Neptun Joint Account of the University of Debrecen.

Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank Account Number: 11738008-21489901-00000000
IBAN: HU04 1173 8008 2148 9901 0000 0000

Please include the following information in the comment section: NEPTUN CODE (in “NK-Neptun code” format and your FULL name – e.g.: NK-AB1234, John Smith).

You are advised to place the required amount on your Neptun account at least 3 working days before you want to process any transactions in the Neptun system. Placing the required amount on your Neptun account alone does under no circumstances mean that you have fulfilled the necessary payment requests! Any of these actions may be performed in the Finances/Payments menu of the Neptun system.


Paying via Neptun - step by step guide