Sporting possibilities

The University of Debrecen attaches great importance to student well-being and provides on-campus sports opportunities.

The university's tennis courts, running tracks, football fields and gyms are open to all students and staff members who wish to spend their free time actively. Students are also welcome to compete in the university’s Athletic Club (DEAC). Students may also join day-trips to various parts of the country, skiing holidays in winter and rowing tours in the summer.

Physical education: 
We offer 200 courses a semester, 44 different class types, on 4 campuses for 3,500 Hungarian and 1,000 international students supervised by 24 physical education and sports professionals.

Recreational sports: 
• Every semester 1,300 students can do sports at 20-25 recreational sports events.

Competitive sports: 
• In the 2017/18 academic year, our university was represented by athletes in 26 different types of sports in the Hungarian University and College Championships  (winning 8 gold, 3 silver, 9 bronze medals and gaining the fourth place eight times, fifth place seven times, and the sixth place twice). 
• Our students participated in the Meeting of Sports Majors for the first time and they won 3 medals in 6 sports. 
• In 2018, based on the submitted sports scholarship applications, we had 59 athletes on the Hungarian national team. There are altogether 254 students involved in competitive sports. 
• In 2017 the Excellent Athlete of the University of Debrecen Award was given to 18 athletes. 
• 15 athletes per semester participated in the athletic mentoring program during the 2017/18 academic year.

• the UniFit Fitness & Gym Centre opened in 2017 with a total floor space of 2,600 m2  with 200 training stations. 
• In the table tennis centre, opened in 2018, professional and amateur athletes, university students and recreational athletes may play on 15 tables in an area of 700 m2.

Athletic Club
More than 1,500 people from different age groups compete as members of the Debrecen Athletic Club (DEAC) wearing the traditional black and white colors of the organization. DEAC was founded in the summer of 1919 and by now it has become a model to be followed in Hungarian higher education with its unique mentor program in Hungary, its modern infrastructure set in a beautiful environment, and various new initiatives. The club boasts a stable budget that exceeds HUF 1 billion a year. At the end of January 2018 DEAC started its hockey division, making it the largest university club in Hungary with 16 divisions altogether. Besides the traditional ballgames, young people may also try beach soccer, bridge, cheerleading or sailing; moreover, the first e-sport division in Hungarian higher education - called DEAC-Hackers - is also located here with 158 members!